Hogsmeade Drabble

This is a drabble I did for the hogwarts_elite Hogsmeade weekend. This is from the Ravenclaw Drabble Contest #2. The prompt was: "It is a catastrophe when something goes horribly awry!"

I've placed in a few of these contests before, and this is my first win.  Thanks for the votes!

It's James and Remus having a conversation...

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Day 4 of Happy

For the 4th day of happiness...
I've had a fire going in the fireplace just about every night this week.  My house smells like wood smoke.  I love that scent.  I think I am a nice medium rare.
The air is nice and dry.  I can rub my socks on the carpet and shock the cats.  Never gets old.

Welcome back, old friend

I'd like to formally welcome back my dear friend, Top Chef.  Last season ended with a thud as the contestants at the end were pretty vanilla.  The trouble makers were not necessarily the most skilled, making little drama.  This season, however, seems to have a few brilliant chefs that also have attitude.  There's no Clay or Mikey in this lot.   And I get to read the blogs again!  Woohoo!

Episode One - A+


Yay for early voting

I voted early for the first time in my life.  Normally, I wait until the last possible minute, but this year I decided to be smart.  I voted today instead of fighting traffic on the actual day.  So YAY for early voting, and YAY for the electronic ballot.